It’s normal for humans to be a little under the weather from time to time. However, feeling grumpy, unexplainable mood swings, and feeling sad all of a sudden could be due to issues with mental health. There are many reasons why someone is always in a bad mood, according to a psychologist in Southbank, VIC, an underlying medical condition might be responsible for why someone presents odd emotional displays.


Reasons Why A Person Is Always In A Bad Mood

Mental health is something that should not be taken lightly. If a person is suffering from trauma, stress, or anything unpleasant that causes their mood swings, encourage them to see a specialist immediately. Feeling sad, annoyed, angry, and being irritable are some of the many things that contribute to a bad mood.

It’s important to see a doctor because being in a bad mood always could be due to crucial medical conditions. Here are some of the reasons why their mood swings seem to stay for too long:

  • Problems with the thyroid. The thyroid is a component in our body that is responsible for the production of hormones. Hormones are the ones that regulate our body’s temperature, weight, health levels of skin and hair as well as mood. When a person’s thyroid is overly active, mood swings and inconsistent bad moods could kick in.
  • Sleep deprivation (sleep apnea). Sometimes it’s easy to determine the reason for someone’s grumpiness. Usually, when they lack sleep, they tend to be irritable and ill-tempered even without viable reasons.woman with mood swings
  • Stroke. A stroke is an unlikeable event to go through. After its attack, a lot of things in a person’s life change. It becomes challenging for them to do their daily routines and usual chores making them feel hopeless and useless, thus resulting in mood swings and snappy behavior.
  • Parkinsons disease. This medical condition causes the mood-regulating brain chemicals to decrease. This is the reason why most Parkinson’s disease patients are typically diagnosed with depression as well.
  • Premenstrual disorder. Women are more prone to mood swings because of the effects of premenstrual disorder. They commonly feel irritable and sad a week before and after their period. Add the fact that dysmenorrhea causes them pain and discomfort all throughout the cycle of their period.
  • Vitamin deficiency. Our physical health also contributes to our mental health. Studies show that people who are vitamin deficient tend to be more grumpy and moody. Eating healthy meals and having a balanced diet could help regulate mood swings and lessen irritability.


Dealing With Moody People

It’s not easy to deal with cranky people. It will eat up your patience and there are times where you’ll feel that you just want to give up. But remember that there is always a reason for everything. Try to understand that they are just going through a rough time, either because of their health condition, or personal struggles.

If you are dealing with someone who’s always in a bad mood on a regular basis, these tips might help you manage:

  1. Have a break. If the moody person lives with you, it would help if you will stay away from them from time to time. Living with a moody individual can be quite challenging, so go out and do something fun at least once a week.
  2. If things are getting harder to deal with. Stay away from the person permanently. Take care of your mental health as well by permanently removing the moody person from your life. It may sound selfish but prioritizing your happiness is not a bad thing at all.
  3. Do not fall into their trap. Sometimes, people with mood swings do it on purpose because it helps them get whatever they want. If you’ve known them for a long time, take note of the red flags and see if they are just using their mood problems to take advantage of the people around them.
  4. Just ignore the negativity. If their mood swings have become so frequent that you’re starting to get used to it, learn to just ignore their negative behavior. In time, they will realize that no one bothers to deal with their unattractive attitude.understanding a moody person
  5. Talk it down. If the bad mood has finally taken a toll on you and you’ve finally decided that enough is enough, it might help to sit and talk. Ask them why they’re always moody and if there is anything that you can do to help them.
  6. Be understanding and don’t take things personally. Most moody people are grumpy to almost everybody. So if they show unpleasant behavior towards you, don’t take it to the heart and understand that they treat everybody the same way. Regardless of the cause of their mood swings, acknowledge that we are entitled to our own feelings and that a bad mood could only be due to an unpleasant experience within the day. You can even tell them a joke to cheer them up like “You should smile more buddy, are you afraid of wrinkles?
  7. Stay calm and be a role model. It’s understandable if you will lose patience whenever they are acting up, but if possible, stay calm even in situations where your patience is being tested. It may sound absurd but once they see you as a calm and peaceful person, they might be less moody towards you. Encourage them to start exercising as physical activity helps with improving the mood.

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