Psychoanalysis is the most comprehensive treatment available today for healing mental distress and promoting personal growth and development. Psychoanalysis is a deep, insight-oriented form of psychotherapy in which patient and analyst work together to explore conscious and unconscious factors that create unhappiness in the form of painful symptoms, difficulties in work and relationships, or disturbances in self-esteem.

Psychoanalysis is the treatment of choice for many adults and children who suffer emotional pain, including those who feel derailed in their personal or educational development, hurt or disappointed in their relationships, or held back in their pursuit of creative and successful work.

Psychoanalysis is often helpful when attempts at self-help, talking to family or friends or briefer, less intensive treatments have not been adequate. Sustained collaboration with an analyst can ease depression and anxiety, restore self-esteem, relieve inner conflict, and lead to a greater capacity for love, work, and play.