A deep tissue massage is a therapeutic treatment that focuses on the deep layers of the muscle and the tissues around it. The objective is to ease muscle tension through long and pressured strokes. Deep tissue massage benefits have been proven to provide instant relaxation and alleviate chronic pain. Read the benefits at https://waynemassage.com.au/deep-tissue-massage-in-sydney.


Understanding Deep Tissue Massage

massage for back painMassage has been around for centuries and is considered a non-invasive treatment for chronic pain and muscle tension. The technique uses solid pressure and slow strokes to reach the deep layers of the muscle and fascia. It specifically targets the knots in the muscles as it is the main reason why we feel muscle pain. These knots can obstruct circulation which might cause inflammation and chronic pain.

The massage typically starts with slow and gentle strokes to warm up the muscles. The therapist will gradually increase the pressure onwards.


Deep Tissue Massage And Sports Massage

A lot of people are confused about the difference between deep tissue and sports massage. Before we dig deeper about the fundamentals of deep tissue massage, let us first determine what sets it apart from a sports massage.

The techniques and strategies used by the two massages are quite similar. However, their focus and target parts differ. As mentioned, deep tissue massage aims to treat pain and muscle tension. On the other hand, the objective of sports massage is to provide additional treatment and support for athletes who have been injured due to physical activities. The area of focus for sports massage will depend on the body part that the athlete uses for sports. To cite an example, a runner typically gets a sports massage that targets their legs and knees.

Additionally, a sports massage is also useful in improving the performance of the athlete and their overall physical functions. The methods they use helps in regulating the circulation and the enhancement of flexibility which results in a lower chance of getting injured.


Benefits Of Deep Tissue Massage

Generally, deep tissue massage effectively reduces chronic pain and muscle soreness. However, it can provide many benefits such as:

  1. Stress reliever. Many people opt for a massage after a long and stressful day at work. A deep tissue massage is a great way to deal with stress as it provides relaxation and serenity. But it does not end there, according to studies, a massage promotes the increment of oxytocin in the body, this is a hormone that produces a soothing sensation to help the body relax.
  2. Diminishes body pain. A massage therapist can effectively reduce pain anywhere in your body. While they often focus on the back, neck, and other large muscle areas, it is easy for them to determine if a specific part of your body requires extra pressure and attention. As a matter of fact, deep tissue massage is reported to be more effective in treating chronic pain compared to medication.
  3. Regulates blood pressure. A massage can help in regulating blood pressure as well as heart rate because of its significant impact on diastolic, systolic, and arterial blood pressure. Apart from this, it also promotes feel-good emotions as it helps in increasing the happy hormone known as serotonin.
  4. Improves movement and flexibility. Pain and stiffness typically occur because of scar tissues. With the help of deep tissue massage, these scar tissues will be broken down which results in better circulation. People who had surgeries are advised to get a deep tissue massage to help in the healing process.
  5. Helps in reducing arthritis symptoms. A massage is a cost-effective treatment for symptoms of arthritis and other conditions like stiffness, sleep issues, and joint problems. This is a great wellness treatment for people with arthritis as it reduces pain making it easier for them to move.
  6. Restores muscle strength. Injured muscles can also be rehabilitated through massage. While sports massage is the usual go-to treatment of athletes, a deep tissue massage is an effective treatment for injuries caused by sports and physical activities as well.massaging pregnant woman
  7. Helpful in pregnancy. A deep tissue massage can help a pregnant woman get through labor and delivery easily. Studies show that women who get prenatal massages tend to have less pain during labor. This is because the massage prepares their body respectively.
  8. Better sleep. A better sleep follows through because of the soothing and relaxing effects of deep tissue massage.
  9. A calm state of mind. A massage helps in lowering the levels of stress hormones, thus, resulting in a calmer and relaxed mind stature.
  10. Relieves indigestion. Lastly, a deep tissue massage can also help in relieving constipation.

Risks And Side Effects

While massage is a great way to relieve stress and treat body pain, it could still pose a few risks. It could also become quite uncomfortable especially if the therapist is targeting specific areas. If this happens, be sure to inform the therapist about your concern.

Massage is a safe and non-invasive treatment, however, it is not suitable for everyone. If you have the following conditions, it would be safer to consult your doctor prior to getting a massage:

  • a disorder that causes blood clots
  • bone fractures and injuries
  • injuries
  • age-related issues
  • recent surgery
  • infection
  • osteoporosis
  • skin allergies or wounds

You can always speak with your therapist if you have any concerns. If you are feeling pain and discomfort while the massage is ongoing, do not hesitate to speak up. Moreover, for your own safety, discuss the advantages and drawbacks of massage with your doctor. Pregnant women and people who are undergoing chemotherapy should also visit their doctor beforehand.

What to Expect

Deep tissue massage does not require any preparation at all. Before the session starts, you will be asked few questions regarding your health and medical history. Your blood pressure will be checked as well as it is not advisable for people with high blood pressure to get a massage.

The technique and methods that your therapist will also be explained to you. After this, you will be directed to a private room where you will undress. The session will take place as you comfortably lie on a massage bed.

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