The mission of the North Carolina Psychoanalytic Foundation is to help individuals and our community understand and alleviate problems that lead to emotional suffering and disability, and to enhance their capacity for personal development and improved community functioning.

The NCPF is led by a multidisciplinary board of directors and is supported by a growing cadre of members, donors, and volunteers who make all we do possible. Membership is open to everyone who shares an interest in psychoanalytic perspectives and wishes to create a more resilient community by applying psychoanalytic expertise to the needs of the community.

The NCPF is committed to ensuring that psychoanalytic education and treatment will be available to future generations of North Carolinians and is building a network of psychoanalytic organizations and the major mental health disciplines in order to promote psychoanalytic education among mental health professionals.

The Foundation raises funds and builds endowments in order to build community capacity and resilience.