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Crooked teeth

covering mouth while smiling due to crooked teethIt is the condition wherein the alignment of teeth is not good. Regardless of having an excellent oral health condition, individuals with crooked teeth often feel shy and draw them back from smiling. Well, they can still smile but with their teeth hidden.

Generally speaking, the misalignment of teeth is an embarrassment to the majority who have this condition. However, it is not only the appearance concerns that should bother them. Crooked teeth can also develop other health issues.


Common problems relative to crooked teeth

The misalignment of your teeth is more than just an aesthetic issue. Other several conditions can be more problematic than that. You can read them below.

  1. It can interfere with chewing, which can affect digestion.
  2. Additionally, it can make brushing and flossing your teeth more difficult. In effect, you are at a high risk of developing tooth decay, cavities, and gingivitis.
  3. It can also cause strain that can lead to tooth breakage.
  4. For the most part, it significantly affects a person’s self-esteem.

This short video can also give you direct insights into how crooked teeth can impact your dental health and overall health condition.

Given these points, will you still refrain from visiting your dentist and ask for treatment? You cannot stick to hiding your teeth forever. Dentistry can offer you several treatment options to straighten your teeth. You only have to consult them.


Correcting misaligned teeth

Based on the diagnosis of your dentist, they will choose the best treatment for your misaligned teeth.

  1. Metal braces: Dentists attach fixed metal braces to your teeth with brackets, bands, and flexible wire. This option is mainly recommended, especially for complex teeth alignment issues. Aside from misalignment, it can also address other oral problems.
  2. Ceramic braces: Archwires connect the ceramic braces in your teeth. These braces are usually clear or tooth-colored, so they are less noticeable, unlike metal braces. However, these braces are more expensive, prone to staining, and can break easily as well.
  3. Clear aligners: These braces are nearly invisible. Clear aligners are the best alternative teeth straightening option for metal braces. Additionally, dentists make custom-fit clear aligners to match your mouth. Moreover, it acts like a mouthguard and is usually subject to replacement twice every month. However, clear aligners are not an excellent option to correct severely misaligned teeth.
  4. Lingual braces: These braces are another type of invisible braces, like clear aligners but more similar to traditional metal braces. However, it functions differently. The dentist attaches these braces to the back sides of the teeth. Furthermore, these braces are lesser chosen because they are expensive and challenging to clean.
  5. Surgery: Surgical procedures are also available to straighten teeth. This option will reduce the time you need to wear braces. Your dentist will discuss all the details about the surgery.

Depending on your teeth condition, you may be working with several specialists. They will do series of assessments to know how they should address it. Aside from that, as already mentioned above, other oral issues are associated with the misalignment. They also have to be extra careful with that.


Benefits of correcting misalignment

Fixing misaligned teeth leads to several benefits. The correction can bring significant changes to the patient’s oral condition.

  1. The gums and teeth are in perfect shape with one another. In effect, it will prevent the occurrence of periodontal problems.
  2. With straight teeth, brushing and flossing will be easier.
  3. Moreover, you can significantly reduce excessive teeth wear and tear.
  4. The absence of protrusion means lower chances of teeth damage during an accident.
  5. Additionally, there is no misalignment of the jaw. In effect, the gums and bones will not experience excessive stress.
  6. You can also regain the normal chewing function of your teeth. Furthermore, there will be no room for indigestion.
  7. For the most part, your straight smile heightens self-confidence and self-esteem.

As shown above, can you imagine now how different it could be when you straighten your teeth? Can you already recognize the significant effects of teeth straightening on your appearance and overall dental health?

In reality, there could be more positive gains after you straighten your teeth. You will never be able to experience those gains if you do not act on your misaligned teeth. The choice will always be in your hands. Your dentist is just waiting for you to approach them.



straightening teeth using bracesAs mentioned, you have plenty of options to correct misaligned teeth, such as braces and clear aligners. Therefore, you don’t have to stay in that teeth condition for so long. Would you still deprive yourself of getting a picture-perfect smile even though you have these treatment options?

Spend for your teeth. Excellent dental treatments are not only to improve teeth appearance but your overall oral health as well. A smile can be your greatest asset. So, start investing in it now and achieve those perfect, bright smiles.


Bottom line

Straight teeth entirely affect a person’s personality. It can hinder them from being socially affectionate or socially active. The mindset of being embarrassed due to their teeth appearance is a real deal for them. So, treatment options are necessary to showcase your beautiful face.

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