It’s always said that beauty standards depends on the one looking. But what is behind this thinking? What is the psychology of beauty? Is trying to improve our physical appearance acceptable, or do we have to only accept what we’re already gifted with? Though, there is nothing wrong with improving our physical appearance, judgmental people are everywhere. They always have comments, good or bad. Some people undergo failed beauty treatments and some others manage to improve their looks. For example this patient was satisfied after having breast implants at Sydney based Refine Clinic. So do your thing.

Psychology Of Beauty: First impressions

Evolutionary psychology holds that it is already a human being’s nature to have their first impressions by the person’s looks. In general, attractive people get to have more favourable impressions right on the first day of their existence. Truly, being attractive has its advantages and favours. The personality and character always come in second. It will only matter right after a few days of being around them.

Being lovely and handsome has even taken its part economically. Likewise, it becomes noticeable that companies and other business entities with attractive faces reward themselves with higher revenues.

For instance, those shops or companies with attractive salesperson tend to have more sale revenues. We can never set aside the fact that most of us can’t help judge other people by their looks. In this case, if the salesperson is attractive, we will buy a product from them. What a great marketing strategy, indeed.

Generally speaking, believe it or not, we easily put our trust if the person we are talking to is attractive. Psychological study and theories have shown clear evidence of how beauty affects culture and the concepts of life.

Beauty is a weapon!

beautiful girlBeautiful women are the most favoured of all the attractive people we can talk about. Beauty is one of their best weapons, indeed, for some instances. We have stated a few of the conditions below, but not limited to them perhaps. You might experience other circumstances aside from these.

  • Traffic violations: Being good-looking, a woman can easily escape from the ticketing of the police officer. Good to go, ma’am!
  • Heavy objects: Either lifting or moving an object, an attractive woman has this weapon to make their male co-workers do the job voluntarily. No sweat!
  • Transportation: Crowded buses or trains, no worries. With beauty, you’ll get your seat. In reality, attractive women tend to have seats instead of those who really need it. Sadly!
  • Opportunities: Most of the time, attractiveness is a factor in getting hired or promotions or rewards, despite being skilled and industrious. Left unquestioned!

Realistically speaking, are we that judgmental? Or should we say, beauty is just a good secret weapon that we could take advantage of? Only beautiful women know. However, I am not saying that ordinary people should shut their doors close to the world. It is not all times that beauty affects your opportunity to be noticed.

On the other hand, some gorgeous people do not admit intentionally that they are naturally beautiful. It is either they are shy to admit it, or it turns out as a weakness on their side. They fear that it will cause harm to them. Beauty can be a blessing, but also a curse as well.

The reality of beauty

Universal standards of reality include beauty. Sometimes, it becomes the world’s state of preference. Evolutionary psychology has cited a lot of explanation about the different perceptions related to beauty. We cannot do something to change that perception, but we have options on how we can cope up with it.

We can use ways to enhance our beauty, such as cosmetic products. Moreover, we can consider enhancing our physical looks by undergoing beauty treatments. Today, the art of aesthetics has grown well its role in the industry. It has provided editions of cosmetic products and treatments that men or women can choose from to enhance beauty.

Nowadays, magazines and books about beauty have been published as well. Furthermore, you have the internet as the widest source of information to learn how to improve yourself.

The important thing is, there will always be ways to boost our self-esteem and feel stunning throughout, day and night. Psychology has proven that it is far better to know how we should view beauty, aside from plainly using our eyes.

The beholder’s outlook

handsome manYes! The psychology of beauty explains it all. It has greatly influenced the people’s mind about the social concept of beauty. People may judge you in the outside, but they will never know what’s inside of you unless they know you better.

Don’t let the judgments of other people pull you back from where you truly belong. It may be tough, and you might need to strive a little harder. However, reaching your goals does not only depends on beauty. It needs your efforts and purest intention to get up there.

As the cliche goes “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”. We have our own characteristics to consider as one of the people with striking beauty.

So, stop pestering yourself by comparing yourself to others. Shine like a diamond, inside and out!

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