If you’re looking for a dental expert that can keep or restore the quality of your healthy smile, then the cosmetic dentist is the best for you. A cosmetic dentist can help you improve the appearance of your teeth in many different ways. The field of cosmetic dentistry is dedicated to the restoration of your healthy smile and your teeth’s functionality. You may be under the impression that cosmetic dentistry is all about aesthetic beauty. But the fact of the matter is, it also focuses on your overall oral health. If you want to learn more about the methods involved in cosmetic dentistry, check the cosmetic options at dwdentistkellyville.com.au today by clicking on this link, and grab their latest offers and fantastic deals.


The Role of the Cosmetic Dentist

A cosmetic dentist is technically a general dentist. The difference is that they offer additional services that focus on the aesthetic side of dental treatment. Most dentists are capable of performing the procedures in cosmetic dentistry. The good thing about this is that the cosmetic dentist can perform these methods efficiently with 100% safety. Below are the different cosmetic dentistry procedures:

Teeth Whitening: This method involved the cleaning of the surface of the teeth. A dental abrasive gel is applied on the teeth to remove the build-up of plaque and tartar effectively. This type of cosmetic dentistry is also one of the most inexpensive methods and can be done in a few minutes.


  • Non-Invasive
  • Affordable
  • Safe
  • Restores the quality of a healthy smile

Veneers: Veneers provide an impressive aesthetic advantage. It improves your speech and digestion. It fills the gaps between your teeth, reducing the risks of food being stuck. You can chew food properly and help your digestive system effectively.


  • Easy to apply
  • Inexpensive
  • Non-invasive
  • Improves teeth alignment appearance

Composite Fillings: Composite fillings fix a cracked or chipped tooth. It restores their aesthetic quality and function. It is an ideal alternative to extraction. Saving the tooth is more important than getting them removed, or replaced.


  • Saves teeth from extraction
  • Improves bite
  • Improves teeth alignment
  • Improves chewing ability

Dental Implants: If the tooth is already beyond saving, dental implants are your best option. The damaged tooth will be removed, and a prosthetic tooth will be screwed on your gums in its place. This eliminates the pain, swelling, and general discomfort.


  • Prevents spreading of the infection and damage
  • Eliminates swelling
  • Improves bit and chewing
  • Provides longevity

Dental Retainers and Braces: These kinds of aesthetic enhancement are ideal for those people with misaligned teeth. With constant tension and pressure, your teeth will gradually slide back into its supposed place. The process takes a long time to complete; however, it is highly effective.


  • Aligns teeth
  • Improves bite and chewing
  • Closes gaps
  • Strengthens your teeth

Dentures: Dentures are a solution for tooth loss, especially for older adults. As we grow older, the risks of losing our teeth increases. Although it’s natural, losing your teeth leads to the loss of confidence and poor digestion. That is why dentures are significant in promoting oral health in cosmetic dentistry.


  • Affordable
  • Removable
  • Easy to clean
  • Improves bite and chewing

Gingivectomy: Gingivectomy is a complicated procedure that needs anesthetic administration. The process includes the removal of small parts of your gums to keep the right shape of your gum structure. Although the process is complicated, it yields the best results.


These are the procedures involved in cosmetic dentistry that the cosmetic dentist can provide. Some methods can be finished in a single session, and some take more than one appointment. Whichever process is required for you, the cosmetic dentist can perform them with 100% efficiency.


Tips to Keep a Healthy Smile

Regular Brushing: A toothbrush with soft bristles is ideal; it protects the gums from getting wounded. Brush two times a day for two minutes. Make sure all the parts that you can reach are thoroughly cleaned.

Use an Ample Amount of Toothpaste: A pea-sized toothpaste is enough to clean all the teeth in your mouth. It is essential not to use an excessive amount.

Floss Gently: Rigorous flossing may damage your gums or and your teeth. Be especially careful when you’re wearing braces/retainers, dental crowns, implants, or veneers. It may hurt or dislodge the prosthetic teeth.

Use a Mouthwash Regularly: A mouthwash typically contains antibacterial components that keep your teeth and gums healthy. Make sure that you swish at least thirty seconds before spitting it out.

Things to Avoid:

  • Excessive Sweets: Sweets may cause tooth decay.
  • Hard Foods: Hard food may damage or destroy prosthetic teeth, veneers, fillings, or retainers/braces.
  • Acidic Foods: Food with high acidity may cause discolouration and receding gums.
  • Quit Smoking: Smoking can cause stains and other adverse oral health diseases.
  • Minimise caffeine: Food or beverage with caffeine can cause discolouration.


Final Word

Make routine dental checkups one of your top priorities. We understand that good oral hygiene can help significantly. However, professional opinion and diagnosis, as well as treatment, is still the best. If you want a healthy smile with improved confidence, visit your cosmetic dentist today.

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